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PASTOR’S  PAGE (Rev Emmanuel Ntusi)

Pastor’s Message (Text For The Year 2019)

Dear Members & Friends,

Many people tend to think they will be better off the next year than the past year but have not established concrete plans on how to do it. For us, as Christians, the turn of the year is a fitting time to take a spiritual inventory; to sit down, take a serious look at our strengths and weaknesses, and then plan a course of action to correct that which is lacking and strengthen that which is good.

New Year is a time when we all have an opportunity to look forward and here at Underhill we start 2019 with anticipation of great things for the next 12 months.

God has given us the following Bible verse for 2019

‘God owns the harvest, pray to him that he will send more workers to help gather his harvest’  Matthew 9:38 (ICB)

Words originally spoken to Jesus’ followers; those twelve men whom he had called to join Him, follow, learn, work with Him and later; when he had gone back to the Father, continue His work.

Here at Underhill we are aware of our call to join Jesus in His mission being a dynamic and effective witness in this part of Barnet but at the moment we are a small growing congregation with limited resources and the task that faces us is huge!

Jesus tells us quite clearly and plainly what we are to do
‘ask the Lord of the harvest to send more workers’. In obedience to Christ’s call we are to pray and plead with God for more workers so that the ongoing work here at Underhill may be better enabled and so that we may take the church beyond our walls. We are not asking for more workers so that those who are already here can opt out of all responsibility – we all remain workers but our roles within that workforce may change. We are asking God for more workers so that, together with them, we can labour to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

Would you please pray with us and respond if you feel God’s call. We long to see an increased workforce so that the load could be shared, more people reached and the work be more effective.

May we continue to pray in faith and love for our world, our country, our community and ourselves, that God’s light in Jesus may shine bright.

With every blessings,

Emmanuel Ntusi