1936 -2019

Thank you for visiting the Web Site of Underhill Baptist Church, Barnet, Herts, EN5 2EA

We are a Family-Friendly, Christian Church and a member of “Churches Together for Chipping Barnet”

“We exist to know Christ and to make Him known”


Our Five Pillars (Summary)


Knowing Christ means worship should be at the centre of all we are and do. It involves every part of our lives as an act at worship to God. We rejoice in who God is, all He has done in creation, and in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When we come together regularly we celebrate His goodness and are
shaped by
His Word and empowered by His Holy Spirit.


Knowing . Christ is a decision to follow Him and a continuing process which enables believers to deepen their faith as they grow and mature in knowledge and understanding.

Together we want to learn what it means to live lives that are faithful to Jesus Christ

throughout the whole of life


Knowing Christ gives us an example to follow so that our lives can model His servant

heart. We want to enable everyone to discover, understand, and share their gifts and

talents to build-up the church and to show God's grace in His world.

With encouragement all people can begin to contribute to the life of the church.


God has created us for relationship and to reflect His image through Christ like love and

sacrificial commitment to one another.

We want to be an inclusive community in which everyone is loved and valued and where

all ages, personalities and different ethnic and social groups can learn to belong to a
family of hope and grace.


Making Jesus known to others is our desire and purpose. God encourages all Christians

to share the "good news" and be involved in outreach, social care and mission both

locally and worldwide.

By knowing Christ personally we have discovered the difference He makes to our lives

and we want to help others understand that for themselves.

Note: To help you remember our 5 Pillars, we have used a simple “Mnemonic” Phrase underneath the Graphic

“We Don’t See Clearly Without God”